How many hours do you spend on Social Media sites? Five minutes, 30 minutes or err…the whole day? Chances are that the last option might be true for most of us, including the one who is typing this blog.

Students, youngsters, teenagers, employees, businessmen use internet, and social media in particular to post status messages, tweets to connect with the world. What internet and social media sites have managed to do is create an avenue for many of us who seek anonymity.

However, many among us (me included) are not comfortable revealing our true identity on a platform such as the social media. However, there is a solution to literally every problem that mankind has on the web. So, from now on, you could just go online, post or share your thoughts without having to reveal your true identity? Social Media is out with its next version which is aptly called the ‘Social Number’.

This new site (www.socialnumber,com) provides a stage for countless users to put forth their point across with the help of numbers. Most of the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook ensure that their users connect only through their real names. But, for those whose workplaces and folks disapprove of their political leanings or sexual orientations, Social Number could prove to be their calling. 

Social Media enters a stage where many platforms in the coming years will rely less on names and usernames and look more towards numbers to assist in access. The role of anonymity has countless advantages, and a few of them are listed below:

1. Users such you and me can log into accounts and speak on topics that are considered to be taboo or sensitive in nature without having to worry too much about alienating or offending anyone. 

2. An anonymous existence on Social Media sites helps the users to air their views without the worry about being branded in a certain way. 

3. Anonymity assists users in becoming more passionate while putting across their viewpoints.

The coming time will see users who bat for anonymity retain with their current social media accounts, but log onto sites that vows anonymity. Social Media will thus have users who display this dual nature of getting satisfied with the best of both worlds.